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About liquid sports anti-slip chalk

Views: 12     Author: Mr Qiao     Publish Time: 2019-12-26      Origin: sportschalk.cc

I am Mr Qiao. I am from Sunrisechalk inc.

As an alternative to traditional Gym chalk, liquid chalk is increasingly used.

Its advantages are very obvious, less dosage, even application, few white stains, no dust floating in the air, and can have pleasant colors and fragrance, it is easy to add some antibacterial and skin protection ingredient...

Normal gym chalk powder is not allowed in many gyms, but high-quality liquid chalk is an exception. It can absorb sweat, keep your hands dry, increase friction, improve your performance during exercise, and improve performance. Liquid chalk has a wide range of applications, such as rock climbing, bouldering, weightlifting, gymnastics, badminton, golf ... even artistic performances, pole dancing, aerial loops, aerial silks, playing video games will also use a new formula of liquid chalk, so Keep your hands away from sliding caused by sweat.

There are so many uses for liquid chalk, so how do we judge its quality?

1. Allow the liquid chalk to stand for a period of time, usually 7 days, to see if the liquid is stratified.

If the liquid is stratified, sorry, it will not work!

Can you just use alcohol or isopropanol to Anti-slip? It is even possible that the layered liquid is water. . . How terrible!

To see more clearly, we use a transparent mineral water bottles。


2. Apply liquid chalk to your hands and see how long it takes to dry out. It usually dries in 10-25 seconds. 

Can you imagine raising your hand for two minutes and waiting for the chalk to dry?

3. After the liquid is dry, pat your hands to see if too much powder falls. It is normal to drop a little, but you should not drop too much.

4. Use chalk. Whether to absorb sweat and increase grip. There is some chalk mixed with too much impurities, which professional athletes will feel.

Thank you for reading my article!

Sunrisechalk inc.

Mr Qiao from sportschalk.cc


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